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THE EASTSIDER LA, July 18, 2013

'It took about a year but husband and wife team Michelle van der Heijden and Emmanuel Todorov finally found a new brick-and-mortar Silver Lake location for their much beloved jewelry and home décor store, Mush.

After being located in Little Armenia for about six years, Mush had been wall-less for several months, having had to leave their old Hollywood Boulevard store when the building’s owner decided to renovate. Mainly selling their wares online and at flea markets, the couple finally found a new home for their business on Silver Lake Boulevard and opened in June.

And though the upheaval was tough, Michelle, with a background in design, really enjoyed her time selling at flea markets like The Rose Bowl. It was there she found like-minded individuals who were also constantly on the lookout for the next cool vintage treasure trove. It seems nothing makes her happier than uncovering a great find.

The jewelry, gifts, pretty much everything in the store, according to Michelle, “tell a story.” And as part of that flea market vibe and mentality, she says she has kept her prices fair and reasonable. “I hate overpaying for anything!” so her customers don’t either. To celebrate their finally settling in to this new locale and summer, Mush started a Summer Sale Saturday, where all their jewelry, vintage and new, is 50% off.


The Weekly Yelp, LA East July 25, 2012

... Laura C trades in her catalogs to peruse in person at MUSH, declaring, "The furniture I have gotten there has given my apartment so much character. Prices range from a lovely $30 side table to a $200 stool."

LA CONFIDENTIAL Awards Issue 2011

'Formerly synonymous with yucky breakfast food the word “mush” now connotes a yummy selection of affordable home Décor, art and gift items for the discerning hipster as well as the needy studio production designer.

Located on Hollywood Boulevard just off the 101 in a historical landmark building constructed by Cecil B. DeMille, MÜSH is a funky grab bag of armchairs, barstools, paintings, license plate signs, lamps books and anything else owner and design maven Michelle van der Heijden thinks you might need to complete your personal zeitgeist.'


METRO SOURCE LA December 2010


MUSH showcases one-of-a-kind home decor, paintings, jewelry and gifts - all handpicked by owner Michelle van der Heijden."I consider myself a hunter" she says." I love when things are unique and handmade, especially art and jewelry. Our customers come in every week because they know we always have something new". It's no wonder the name stands for Most Uniquely Styled Homes" (but is also a reference to Van der Heijden's childhood nickname).

Geared heavily towards interior products and decor, MUSH features flea market and estate sale finds at great prices. Van der Heijden's background as an interior designer, merchandiser and flea market seller inspired her to open MUSH in 2007.

"Growing up, I was always doing window displays for my mother, who owned a gift store in New York," she says. "I’ve been doing interior design for client's homes and helping other people set up their shops, so one day I decided to open my own store." Her husband, film actor Emmanuel Todorov: runs the operation's website, which sells unique items from the store as well as mass-produced products.

MUSH is located in an Art Deco building built by Cecil B. DeMille. Appropriately, elements of new and old Hollywood can be seen all throughout the store, from vintage couches and coffee tables to statement jewelry from local designer Erica Elizabeth. Global goods can also be found, like mosaic resin lamps imported from the Philippines or a hand-carved bookshelf from Indonesia." I like a home to tell a story”, Van der Heijden says. "l like people to think differently and not really know why when they walk into a space. I want them to experience that when they come in to MUSH."

NEW HOLLYWOOD COOL - Emmanuel - May 9, 2008

This new Gallery/Gift shop opened doors to the Art loving public in September of 2007 according to the words of the owner Michelle van der Heijden. A gem tucked away next to the Thai Restaurant on the corner of Wilton and Hollywood Boulevard, east of the entrance to the 101, MUSH allows us to take a glimpse into the Zen world of this Young Interior Designer graduated from the FIT in NYC. Walls are covered with the works of local artists many of whom are well established amongst the Sudios Set Decorators and have adorned the sets of movies like Legally Blonde. Others have traveled all the way from Bulgaria to hang next to a couple of Miro knock-offs created for an independent feature. Large Buddhas invite the visitors into this eclectic store where one can find a one of a kind antique Thai mask or a set of Italian Designer Leather Dining Chairs. I marveled a pair of antique Ming Dynasty Style Classic Horse Shoe Chairs from the late 18th - early 19th Century exhibited stylishly next to a very luxurious leather Couch and what was my surprise to find that the price of that couch was well within my means. The couple very politely asked if I would like it delivered and were happy to accommodate me should I have needed transportation for any newly acquired piece of furniture. I stopped in front of a lavishly decorated display case and admired the nice selection of Jewelry offered at very competitive prices. Intuitive to my needs the owner offered a greeting card to go with the beautiful scented candle I had picked from a beautifully arranged table, which was no small task since the selections appeal to every particular whim, and I was pleasantly surprised to find a really cute and rather unusual one to complement my gift. I was relieved. The last time I had to go and pick out a gift I had to drive all the way to Beverly Hills where there is a boutique that I like. Thank you MUSH. Keep up the good style. We needed you in our neighborhood. I have to go back and get that couch.

You're going to love this - planetmarisa‎ - Jun 1, 2008

For all those browsing the very expensive and trendy import furnishings stores in both West Hollywood, Venice and even Silver Lake, you need to stop and take a look at this: MUSH!.. Mush is a very talented young woman's long-time business development that has finally come to fruition. It is full of more than enough well and carefully chosen pieces from jewelry to Art to furniture and antiques. It is also entirely worth the drive, as her prices are greatly beneath all those west side shops. The owner chooses her pieces herself, a truly unique selection. She is importing from both Eastern Europe as well as Thailand and who knows where else! Her Artist collection is worth looking at. She is promoting more than a few well-established Artists and there is a handsome collection to choose from. All in all, you will not leave the store without a purchase, so be prepared. Mush is quickly becoming established, so it is hard to say how long it will be before those prices go up. Take advantage now, is what I say! Just the right place to find a beautiful gift. If you are lucky, you'll pop by in the afternoon and she'll serve you an excellent Organic tea with lots of wonderful, soothing conversation. Her interior design combined with the spaciousness of this old Hollywood building brings everything together. Truly a lovely and impressive establishment. A testimony to the transformation occurring rapidly in Hollywood, east of La Brea. May there be more incarnations like Mush in Hollywood and Los Angeles! Mush is a Must see.

Sandi M. Livingston, IL

I received a necklace from my brother who lives in Los Angeles for Christmas. He purchased it at MUSH. It is absolutely gorgeous!!! Handcrafted, mouth-blown glass baubles from Italy with rubys, garnets, and tourmaline tassel. I live in Illinois and haven't had the opportunity to visit MUSH store yet, but when I visit my brother the next time, I will make sure I go there! I have visited online and there are so many items I want! I highly recommend stopping into MUSH.

Oh Geez Marge that's good! - Dakota A. Los Angeles, CA

Great little place to stop in and buy gifts or fun things for your pad. I liked the jewelry at the store too. The woman that owns the place is very helpful and has an eye for great things. I know she rents to the industry too. It has everything from tea to furniture to home accessories to artwork. The place is a breath of sunshine and a place like that is needed on this part of town. I would rather pay money and get something original than mass produced, wouldn't you? Oh and you can park in back.


Most Uniquely Styled Homes was the answer of the owner when I asked if MUSH was an abbreviation. Could not have been a better name for this unique furniture - gift store on Hollywood Boulevard , which doubles as a small art-gallery. I had gone in to get a gift for my wife's birthday and it took a good while to decide between a beautiful pair of earrings, a stunning feather necklace made by a local artist or a hand-painted shawl from Thailand.