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Contemporary & Modern leather furniture, chairs, tables, round ottomans, 925 Sterling silver & Cubic Zirconium rings, pendant necklaces, bracelets, special gifts and home accessories, MUSH is a destination where modern design meets classic style, a hand picked selection of beautiful articles where our foremost focus is on affordability.

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Hollywood Style Room Decor Meets Affordability

We are proud to present our hand-picked selection of modern leather sofas, contemporary leather dining room sets, luxurious leather armchairs, practical trunk ottomans, comfy recliners, elegant barstools and durable solid wood dining room tables. Take advantage of the exceptional comfort, durability and longevity of our line of leather seating furniture, offered to you at very affordable prices.

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Out of our love for Home Decor, style and modern design the store doubles as an art gallery exhibiting bi-annually the works of local artists. Here on our site we try to guide you through some of our eclectic variety of antiques, vintage paintings, sculptures and original works of art by local and international artists.

Experience our original collection of beautiful jewelry designed predominantly by local artisans. An extensive hand-picked selection of 925 sterling silver, 9kt gold plated, beaded and semi-precious stone adorned rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets is available to browse through online and at our store location. Find your rare Vintage Estate or a designer One-of-a-kind jewelry piece at MUSH.

In our lamps section you will be able to find an eclectic choice of colorful hanging resin lamps, floor Coconut Leaf lamps, cool Buddha lamps and table lamps for your Home and Office.

And did you know that you can reinvent the entire atmosphere of your home, with any one fragrance from our natural candles. Browse our Quick Gifts category where you can shop for a delicious smelling, clean burning, 100% soy vegetable oil designer candles. Give it a try.

Our store displays of one-of-a-kind antiques, vintage books, Victorian post cards, old ephemera, movie-star photographs and collectables have always been of great interest to all of our local shoppers and we are currently developing a way to give you an equal opportunity to shop them.

For the time being please visit our News & Events section frequently, and if you have an interest in any of the exhibits, don’t wait, E-mail us or just give us a call at 323-664-6874 and we would love to help you over the phone. Plus we’ll ship it to you ( in most cases) FREE OF CHARGE!

Gift certificates, gift baskets, corporate gifts etc.

Need a Gift Box, for multiple recipients, we’ll be only too happy to assist you in finding and assembling something special from our home accessories, candles, incense and teas sections.

And if you are the ‘person on the go’ and time is of the essence, that’s alright, our sales representatives will be more than happy to assist you, whether by phone or e-mail with a unique recommendation for a special birthday gift, wedding gift, corporate gifts or gift basket and the appropriate greeting card. Or simply Click the button on your left, buy a gift certificate and e-mail it to the recipient within seconds.

Neatly tucked in Silverlake, Los Angeles, our store is just 4 blocks off the Hollywood 101 freeway. So please don’t hesitate to stop by when you’re in the neighborhood. Not local, no worries - we ship all items from our website anywhere Nationwide.

Interior Design Consultations, Set Decoration and Services

SETDECORATORS: All art has been cleared for rent. We also offer our lamps, furniture, jewelry and antiques for rent on the sets of film and TV. Our products have been featured on TV shows and feature films the likes of HEROES, SAVING GRACE, VALENTINE, FLASHFORWARD, LEGALLY BLONDE 2 and others.

MUSH offers decorating and accessorizing consultations for your home, or business. Our professional staff can help you create the desired environment for you while incorporating the latest in interior design.

We can help you sell your old treasures if you are looking to clear your home and start anew. We take selected items on consignment, as well as organize Estate sales in your home. These services are local to Los Angeles County only.

Going Green

Meeting the needs of today without compromising a better tomorrow is our firm resolution and we are dedicated to the value of sustainability. We will ship in our recycled delivery boxes.

Our vision for sustainable and healthier living environments is expressed in our firm belief in recycling. Visit the store location and find great deals on vintage furnishings, accessories, jewelry and art.

MUSH will continuously seek better materials and 'greener' methods for our natural fragrant candles, unique gifts, hand-painted dinnerware, unusual textiles and handmade gifts.

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