Leather Furniture FAQ's

Can I see more color choices for your leather furniture?

LEATHER Color Swatches For Our Line of Leather Furniture
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Fabric Upholstery FAQ's

Fabric Upholstery Color Swatches For Our Line of Furniture
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Wood Finishes FAQ's

Wood Finish Swatches For Our Line of Furniture
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What makes your furniture different?

We Offer Superior Construction, Reliable Durability, Extreme Comfort. Below you can see a diagram of the construction and specifications of the materials used


1 - Hardwood White Elm Frame

2 - Single Piece Backs

3 - Dowelled AND Glued

4 - Metal Corner Brackets

5 - No-Sag Spring in Pirelli Webbed Seats

6 - Pirelli Style Webbed Backs

7 - Silent Hinge Spring Clips

8 - 2.1 Density Foam Seats and Backs

9 - Aniline Dyed Leather

Can I have more information about the leather?

MUSH Inc offers a wide array of leather choices as well as a broad palette of colors.

Remember that leather is a natural material—no two hides are identical; each accepts dye somewhat differently, resulting in shading differences. Other characteristics may include healed scars from sources such as barbed wire fencing, insect bites, stretch marks, fat and neck wrinkles, as well as other impressions. Therefore, variations with each hide, although not frequent, can be expected.

Full top grain, fully aniline dyed cowhides. Many of these are "pull-up" type leathers. These are leathers that have been impregnated with oils and/or waxes to create the "pull-up" effect: a lightening of the leather color, as well as creating a rich look and exceptional feel.

Care should be taken to tend to spills immediately. Regular dusting and vacuuming would be recommended, as well as application of a good leather conditioner every 6-12 months.

While we offer two separate and distinct pricepoints, all of our leathers are top-grain hide with equal strength and durability. The reason for two pricepoints is due to the selectness of the hides.

Tanneries inspect and group hides by the amount of natural marking and scarring on each hide. These "hide markings" result from barbwire scratches, insect bites, urine burns and other natural occurrences. Hide markings are normal to leather furniture and should not be considered as defects and actually add to the natural beauty of your leather.

Hides which have more abundant markings are considered to be less select, and therefore are less expensive; the tannery will apply an additional opaque pigment to these hides in order to make them cosmetically more appealing. This application of pigment will add protection to these hides, which makes them easily soap and water washable.

Hides with fewer markings are considered to be more select and therefore, more expensive. These hides are reserved to be used as "naked" leathers, which by description, are leathers with no additional topcoat added. These hides will offer the most natural look and the softest feel.

Can you send me sample swatches of your leather?
Yes, up to three color leather samples may be sent out to one address.

General FAQ's about the rest of our products

Do any of your products contain any animal bi-products?
Although none of our products contain any porcine derivatives, some of our fragrance and toiletries range do contain animal by-products. However, we are working to eradicate this in exchange for vegetarian alternatives. Other lines of toiletries are 100% natural. For most products a detailed description is provided which lists its origins.

Where are our products made?
A big portion but not all of our sterling silver jewelry is hand-crafted in Thailand. Large number of other jewelry pieces have been made by local artesans.

Most of our toiletries are made in the USA except when explicitly stated in the item's description.

All of our leather furniture is now sourced and hand made in China to guarantee quality and our commitment to keeping rare artisan skills alive. We do have US made furniture as well. Please inquire for details.

Bamboo Lamps are solely hand-crafted in Thailand of Thai cotton and bamboo. They are perfectly suitable to accomodate Energy-Saving light bulbs.

Our fossilized cocoa leaf lamps are proudly made in the USA of imported renewable materials of the highest quality. They are perfectly suitable to accomodate Energy-Saving light bulbs.

How long do your products last?
All our diffuser fragrances can last up to 8 months if they are kept away from direct sunlight or heat. Most of our suppliers guarantee long burning for candles.

Do you import all of your merchandise and are any of them 'green'?
Our commitment is to promoting local artists, artesans and craftsmen.
We are dedicated to the value of sustainable and fair trade practices. we pride ourselves in our consistent search for better, more renewable and lower impact materials while ensuring the people who make our products here or abroad receive living wages and work in a dignified environment.

Buying Online

Are all sales final?
If you are not satisfied with the product, you may return it within 10 days from the date it was received for a partial refund. 30% Restocking Fee will be applied on smaller items. Some items, such as furniture, lamps, and larger accessories will require a 40% restocking fee. Please inquire before purchasing. You must send a return request by phone or e-mail and receive a confirmation from us before you return any purchase. Buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs. Please make sure that you have insurance added to your return shipment because you will be liable for any additional transportation damage marks (not submitted with your claim) which in term will void your RMA with MUSH inc. and may render your item ‘un-returnable’ for credit from MUSH Inc.

How do I purchase goods?
We have made buying from www.MUSH.co as simple as possible. Each item for sale will have an order button. When you press this button you are taken to the order-processing page of Paypal where the item will be automatically added to your basket. When you are happy with your selections press the checkout 'complete order' button. It is at this time you would be asked for your name and address and then your credit card details.It also enables us to store your personal information to assist you when checking out. This information will be stored in a 'cookie' on your computer. We will not store any such information on our system, in order to protect your privacy. The only details we cannot store are your credit card details.

What payment types do you accept?
Paying online is simple, we accept Mastercard, Visa and AMEX cards. For more details see above. If you place an offline order you will be contacted by one of our representatives to arrange payment.

Is my transaction secure?
Every on-line transaction made through www.MUSH.co is transmitted across the Internet using SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption. This industry standard method ensures that information sent from your browser is scrambled whilst in transit and decoded when it arrives on our server.
You are far safer using your credit card on www.MUSH.co than you are in a restaurant in your local gas pump. We take the issue of security very seriously and have taken every step possible to protect you.

What if I have problems ordering?
Common reasons for problems when pressing the order button are; i) You are using an old browser that doesn't support SSL encryption. ii) You are browsing from behind a corporate firewall that will not allow secure connections. Speak to the system administrator at your office. They will either rectify the problem or you will have to order from another location. To check, point your browser to https://www.microsoft.com if you cannot connect to the Microsoft secure server it is likely that one of the above faults apply. If you are able to connect to Microsoft please call us and report the fault to us. We will assist you if we can.

What risks are involved in buying online?
All personal data, including your card number is transmitted over secure connections, meaning that no-one can 'eavesdrop' and capture your details. In addition to this, your card details are not viewable by us at all, they are simply transmitted over the bank's private X25 network for authorisation and payment transactions. You are protected because the transaction was carried out as 'Cardholder not present' This means that any payments will be refunded to your card should it be used fraudulently by someone else or you do not receive what you ordered.

What happens if my card authorisation fails?
If the authorisation fails, the most likely explanation is that you have input your card details incorrectly. If this happens, press the back button on your browser and you will be returned to the card input page. Check that all the details are correct, and make any changes necessary before proceeding. If all the details are correct and you still fail to get an authorisation then we advise that you contact your card issuer to establish why your card was not authorised. We will receive your order anyway and may contact you to arrange for alternative methods of payment.

When is my credit card debited?
Your card will normally be debited when the order is completed. An authorisation takes place when you place your order. This simply guarantees that the funds are available on your card and that payment will be made to us. This authorisation remains valid for ten days. When the goods are dispatched, we will debit funds from your account overnight directly into our own. If certain items in your order are out of stock or unobtainable we will immediately inform you and only partially debit your card for the sum total of the available items in your order before they are dispatched.

Delivery FAQs

What are your delivery policies?
Delivery arrangements will differ depending on the size of the shipment. Most jewelry and smaller items will be delivered via Priority Mail. For larger items we reserve our right to make separate arrangements. Please note that our shipments will require delivery confirmation. Please ensure we have the full address and a telephone contact number for contact on file.

Customer MUST be present at the time of your delivery in order to inspect the shipment and make sure that the item(s) are in condition as described during the time of the purchase. Any traces of tampering with the box represents grounds to reject the shipment! Please do not accept open box/missing box shipments because that will void the free replacement transportation. Further, please open the box and examine the product. If any damage and major blemishes from impact during shipping are noticed, it must be noted on the airway bill and www.MUSH.co MUST BE NOTIFIED within 24 hours of the delivery via phone or via e-mail. Customer assumes all responsibility if they fail to be present at the time of delivery or fail to inspect the shipment. Customer also assumes all responsibility for damaged products where www.MUSH.co is not notified within 24 hours of delivery. It is the buyer's responsibility to make sure that the item(s) ordered will fit through the door of your residence.

Shipping FAQs

Although we offer FREE SHIPPING WITHIN MAINLAND USA additional postage and packing rates may apply if you chose to make frivolent multiple transactions shipping to the same address. Please allow up to 10 working days for delivery within the USA. All international orders are subject to a different delivery policy. We DO NOT offer free shipping for international deliveries and special arrangements must be made for all such transactions. International shipping charges will vary. After an order has been placed and shipping information has been received, you will be given a price quote for the shipping.

UPDATED Sipping Policy and Surcharges: Beginning June 1, 2013, our standard free domestic shipping policy has been changed to reflect increasing gas prices and manufacturer's requirements. Certain shipments for orders of SINGLE furniture pieces will be subject to a 'open box' surcharge of $99.00 for breaking a boxed set of items (mostly dining room chairs, barstools, counterstools etc.) The SURCHARGE will not be applied on orders with an odd number of items. In such cases www.MUSH.co will absorb any such fees.