Cool Bodies Vintage Abstract Painting by Nikolay Nikov

Cool Bodies Vintage Abstract Painting by Nikolay Nikov Hollywood

Cool Bodies Vintage Abstract Painting by Nikolay Nikov

21' x 13

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Item description:
    • 'Cool Bodies' vintage 1972 abstract oil painting by Nikolay Nikov - 'NICHE'
    • following in the evolutionary steps in modern art giants such as Hans Arp, Joan Miro and Calder, Nikov explores the relations of object and shadow in his 'Bodies' series
    • in this subsequent addition to the series Bodies Nikov revisits the abstract sensual shapes of nude bodies represented as fluid circular forms this time in the cooler color palette juxtaposed by brighter hues of bold greens, blues and oranges
    • oil on canvas
    • signed & dated
    • framed
    • dimensions: 21' x 13'
    • Nikolay Nikov, called Nicheto by every one of his contemporaries, was born in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1924
    • his versatile style developed from his beginnings at a French art school in Paris to his repatriation in Sofia; Bulgaria in the early 60's amidst the harsh years of socialism. Nikov's rise to prominence culminates with the highest honor of having one of his flower paintings made into a national post stamp in the mid 70's. Belated tendencies of the French and German Abstract Expressionism movements of the turn of the century could be found in his early works and later interpretations of styles ranging from Modernism to Soviet Non-Conformism are skillfully woven into an own original style.
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