License Plate Signs MY HERO

License Plate Signs MY HERO Hollywood

License Plate Signs MY HERO

variable length, approximate height: 6

Price: US$58.00


Please contact us at [email protected] if you want to buy this item !

Item description:
    • one of a kind MY HERO sign made from recycled license plates - SAMLE!
    • these signs are made to order and will always be one of a kind, please allow for artistic creativity in final result
    • the optional fire station decal is an additional $9
    • materials: recycled license plates from around the USA and plywood with recycled pull-tabs for hooks
    • please allow up to 3 weeks turnaround time if you would like to custom order a sign
    • MUSH reserves the right to censor inappropriate content
    • its durable finish is easy to clean and maintain
    • dimensions: variable length, approximate height: 6'
    • insurance NOT included