Desert Druzy Sterling Silver Ring Size 9.5

Desert Druzy Sterling Silver Ring Size 9.5 Hollywood

Desert Druzy Sterling Silver Ring Size 9.5

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Item description:
    • this iridescent desert druzy stone is dazzlingly beautiful and peaceful
    • swirly tones of sand whites, grays and hints of blue flow into each other creating a spectacular play of colors captivating the eye
    • bezel and band handmade from .925 Sterling Silver around the gemstone to perfectly compliment it
    • what makes Druzys particularly attractive is the way the micro-crystals reflect light, producing a subtle yet dazzling sparkle. The magnificent crystal surfaces of Desert Druzys in particular display dreamy swirling or concentric patterns reminiscent of moody grey landscapes and emanate the powerful protective, healing and assuring energies of Quartz and Chalcedony
    • size 9.5
    • approximate size of stone 1' x  1 1/8'
    • weight 13.1 g